Tom Smith

Sound Designer

Hello, I'm Tom, a Sound Designer & No. 1 based in York, UK.

I have over 8 years of experience working in theatre, first as an in-house technician, then freelance Sound Engineer, to now focusing on design.

I love working with live music and foley, and I'm interested in using game audio technology to make theatre sound more reactive and interactive.

If you need sound design for your project, I'd love to talk;
you can get in touch with me by email at

Upcoming Theatre Projects

Modest · Middle Child · 2023  ·  Sound Engineer

Recent Theatre Projects

Mayflies · York Theatre Royal · 2023  ·  Sound No. 1

A production photograph from Mayflies, showing Emma Thornett as Fly and Nuno Quiemado as May.
Photo by Sam Taylor

Director · Tania Azevedo

Composer · Gus Gowland

Sound Designer · Chris Whybrow

Console · DiGiCo SD10

The Odyssey: Episode 2 - The Cyclops · CAST · 2023  ·  Sound No. 1

A production photograph from The Cyclops, showing the company stood in front of the set of cardboard
          boxes, and a large blue neon eye.
Photo by Brinkhoff/Mögenburg

Director · Madeleine O'Reilly

Sound Designer & Composer · Annie May Fletcher

Console · Soundcraft Vi3000

A Christmas Carol · Hull Truck Theatre · 2022  ·  Sound Programmer

A production photograph from A Christmas Carol, showing the company as ghostly dock workers.
Photo © Hull Truck Theatre

Director · Sameena Hussain

Sound Designer · Ed Clarke

Composer · John Biddle

Console · DiGiCo SD10

Darknet · Leeds Conservatoire · 2022  ·  Sound Designer

A production photograph from Darknet, showing the company
Photo by Emily Goldie

Director · Yusuf Khamisa

Set & Costume Designer · Lu Herbert

Lighting Designer · Joseph Ed Thomas

Video Designer · Simon Powell

The Book Thief · Octagon Theatre, Bolton · 2022  ·  Sound No. 1

A production photograph from The Book Thief, showing the company fronted by the character
          of the Narrator, played by Ryan O'Donell
Photo © Octagon Theatre Bolton

Director · Lotte Wakeham

Sound Designer · Andy Graham

Associate Sound Designer · Liam McDermott

Console · DiGiCo SD9T